Flowers and buds for your birthday garland
Are awakened in spring colours
By scented breeze
And cold footsteps of dew drops
On the luxuriant branch of my garden tree,
Blossoming my heartís garden which
Remains fragrant all year around.
In the garland of your birthday
Itís buds and flowers
Light up lamps for my waiting eyes.
My loveís fragrance
Dances every where; on every leaf
Colour butterflies of my dreams
Paint flowers with myriad colours.
This caravan of light, colour and fragrance
Dwell in my mind and imagination
All year around.
Your birthday garland
Itís flowers and buds
Should be ready to accept
The felicitation,
Should stretch out to welcome me
For I have brought a flower
To be placed in the garland.
Love!  Ö  I pray
That this flower may become for you
A year of every happiness.
Even your past may envy
The present.