When you fall in love  …
Heat blossoms and smiles
Desire’s butterflies
Dressed in new longings
Hover over every path of hearts garden
As if a pearly fairy
Holding stings of sprinkling shower
Shooting from some sleeping fountain
Will quietly descend upon floating lotus of lake
Butterflies of emotions make
A meeting chamber with their wings.
When you fall in love  …
Fireworks start in the body
Through the path of circulating blood
And the blood reflectioning these sparkles
Turn into rainbow colours
And in this rainbow, every colour has its own effect.
Volcanic madness occurs
In the mode of pleasure  …
The intention to do some thing,
The propensity to sadness
Without any reason
Turns to impatience,
When you fall in love  …
Birds coming out from their nests
Of mind and fancy
Sing enchanting songs
Thoughts blossom flowers
Fansy takes you to new abodes
Holding her in thoughts,
Keeps her in dream
Desiring her company
With her hands in hands.
And, in the waking; afflicted into
The fragrance of her hena
The warmth of her body
You would kiss your own hands
Put on your eyes
Rest them on the chest
And sleep.